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Moulaya Abdul Rasul Shaheed Saheb(QS)

Moulaya Abdul Rasul Shaheed(QS) performed khidmat of 35th Dai-al-Mutlaq Syedna Abdul Tayeb Zakiuddin(RA). He was a person of ilm, amal, zohad, taqwa and Diyanat.

During this period of Syedna Abdul Tayeb Zakiyuddin(RA) he left from Burhanpur along with Moulaya Sheikh Adam and Syedi Hasanji Badshah and arrived at Aurangabad. From Aurangabad, all three sahebs proceeded to Dongaon for ziyaarat Mubarak of Moulaya Nooruddin Saheb and returned to Burhanpur, from where they proceeded to Ahmedabad.
This was a time when mumineen were harassed immensely, during which Moulaya Abdul Rasul stood like a strong pillar and defended the faith. Syedna Zakiyuddin(RA) spent most of the Dawat's wealth to save mumineen from harassment.

When Moulaya Abdul Rasul was in khidmat in Waghar district, he went to Galiyakot. Enroute he visited Lovapali. While leaving the village, enemies surrounded them and attacked them. Moulaya Abdul Rasul fought bravely but ultimately the enemies overpowered and killed him with a spear. The day of Shahadat was on the 10th of Rabi-ul-Akhar, 1120H
Moulaya Abdul Rasul (QS) roza is famous for the 'breaking of beri' miracle, just as Moulana Fakhruddin Shaheed(QS) in Galiyakot.